"It is with great pleasure that I relate my experience with Mr. David Peterson of David C. Peterson Construction Co.  My Architectural firm was chosen to perform the Design, Construction Documents and Construction Administration Services for a residential renovation and addition.  My clients, who resided out-of-state, interviewed a number of contractors and awarded the project to Mr. Peterson. His illustrious reputation as a builder with a penchant for perfection made it an easy decision. "
Roger Cinelli, Cinelli Architects, Albuquerque, NM

"… This building project reinforced the fact that having you build a home for us in Placitas, New Mexico was a very pleasurable experience compared to what other builders can subject you to. The builder we contracted with here in Colorado turned out to be a nightmare but...we have, and shall continue to overcome …"
Bob & Leslie N.,  Colorado

"The houses that are important to us are the ones that allow us to dream in peace. David Peterson has built us such a house...Our building experience with David was, and continues to be, an extremely positive one. From the very beginning , things went smoothly. We are confident that David and his crew have built our home with the utmost care and skill".
Bill S. and Gabrielle H.,  Placitas, N.M.

"We are pleased to recommend David C. Peterson as a custom home builder.  David was referred to us from several sources in the home building community.  We were immediately impressed with David's experience and knowledge during our initial meeting.  David was able to anticipate potential construction concerns.  Thus, we were able to make adjustments to the plan and save time and money prior to construction based on his recommendations..."
Charles  and Emily D., Corrales, NM

"As an attorney, my construction experience comes from suing contractors. As such, I have no prior experience praising builders. Happily, I can write pages of praise for David C. Peterson and his company.  During the year between the time we bought our lot and built, we met with a significant number of custom builders. We were ready to build a year before David's schedule allowed him to start our project... we waited for David to become available. It was the best decision we could have made".
Larry D., Placitas, N.M.

"My experience in working with David Peterson and his crew in the building of my home has been most satisfying. David was able to interpret my living needs and designed my house to uniquely fulfill them. ...My best endorsement of David is that we are still good friends after building the house, and I continue to ask for his help in additional building projects."
Robert W.,  Placitas, N.M.

"We were completely satisfied with the project during the entire construction process. David gave the project his highest priority. He was very conscientious in all aspects of construction and he exhibited thorough knowledge and skill in his profession".
James T., Santa Fe, NM


"... The emergent structure is a beauty. Your ingenuity in recognizing and resolving problems has been wondrous; you learn as you go and keep always in mind the architectural integrity of the house. It has given me much satisfaction to work with you and I have enjoyed your patience with my involvement."
Charles S., Placitas, NM


David C. Peterson Construction Company